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Real FPS

One of the biggest sources of revenue erosion for every telecom operator is increase of all kinds of telecom fraud that represents global growing phenomena.
The global annual loss to the Telco industry from fraud is currently estimated by the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association). Recent estimations show that the global annual loss to the Telco industry from fraud is on the level of $29.2 billion.

Realtime fraud detection and prevention:
  • Preemptive number analysis on signaling level
  • System is aware of all significant parameters for each number
  • Not CDR based – requires low resources, giving high performance
  • 31 checks on each call in real time in the current setup
  • All checks are done in less than 20ms

Transparency “WHITE BOX” principle
  • The customer keeps the control and oversight about its routing decisions and all commercial decisions about the traffic.
  • The system would only flag the calls - final routing decisions on behalf of customer
  • All events are logged in comprehensive database

Modern detection principles
  • Keeping track of all the calls that ever passed through the system.
  • Several processing stages (pre/during/post call processing)
  • Self learning – machine learning - AI
  • Intelligent and adoptive system preventing blocking legit calls – several stages of fraud severity, dynamic fraud scoring system.

Machine Learning
  • Machine learning and dynamic setup fine tuning based on history of fraudulent behavior
  • Speeds up the checking process increasing speed with time and repetitions
  • System getting faster and more efficient with time and “experience“

Case simulations & “What if analysis“
  • What if my filter settings have been compromised ?
  • What if someone is „moving“ below the radar ?
  • Based on real historical CDRs
  • Ability to Check the impact of planned actions by applying different templates
  • Many checks & NO impact on call quality


  • Catch and release concept. Silent observation and learning pattern from fraudulent calls
  • Fighting fraud in real-time
  • Self learning
  • It’s preventive, not defensive
  • Built in on newest technologies, near zero latency
  • Add-on to your system that can be easily integrated

  • Modern detection principles
  • Transparency of actions
  • 24/7 automated system without human intervention
  • Business Intelligence reporting – automated reports
  • Fraud impact simulation on real historical data
  • Easily customisable for your needs

Clipper project

International VOIP routes testing

How does VoIP function?
Analog voice communications are transformed into data packets using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). These packets are transmitted over the public Internet and/or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network in the same manner as other types of data, such as emails and text messages. You are able to call landlines and mobile phones using a VoIP service. With a VoIP call, you may also make computer-to-computer calls where both sides use microphones to communicate and computer speakers or headsets to listen.

How can a VoIP test help?
Even though VoIP is a crucial part of business communications, managing and troubleshooting VoIP calls may be challenging. VoIP latency, jitter, and packet loss are the three factors that have the most effects on conversation quality. A VoIP test helps you review the overall health of your network connection within a matter of seconds. It also enables you to determine whether the call traffic in your existing phone system is high enough to warrant an upgrade.If VoIP test results indicate certain properties such as bandwidth, jitter or latency falling short of the minimum requirements, it could mean that it's time to switch your service provider, or look into more powerful VoIP systems that can more efficiently meet your business requirements.

VoIP Test: Quality Parameters

QoS or Quality of Service is the ability of the VoIP connection to prioritize itself over other connections that are eating up the internet bandwidth. This feature is important in VoIP since many systems use the same internet connection. The router often gives the same importance to every connection.
However, QoS ensures that calls get a higher bandwidth than other forms of internet usage like browsing.

FAS discovery
Clipper provides determination of VoIP False Answers with probability of 98%, including the determination of mimic FAS. A testing process is maintained by simultaneous calls.

You can share testing results with your customers in order to prove the quality of tested routes. Also, you can sent trouble-tickets to your vendors directly from Clipper.

Quality proof
Our detailed reports will also include voice recordings of ringing and answer simulation on calls. It gives ability to easily prove a quality of tested routes to your vendors!

Clipper offers the testing numbers database, which is updated on daily basis. You can initiate a test in seconds for any destination in the World.

How can a VoIP test help me?
So, a stable and capable VoIP connection is important for your business. A VoIP test helps you review the overall health of your network connection within a matter of seconds. It also enables you to determine whether the call traffic in your existing phone system is high enough to justify an upgrade.

Telecommunications Network Monitoring and Management System

  • Our telecommunications network monitoring and management system is designed to improve the performance and efficiency of our network.
  • By constantly monitoring the network, this system allows us to identify and resolve issues in real-time, leading to increased uptime and better service for our customers.

  • Real-time monitoring of network performance
  • Alert notifications for issues
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Reporting capabilities

  • The system will be implemented by installing the necessary hardware and software on our network.
  • Training will be provided to ensure that our team is able to effectively use and maintain the system.

  • Improved network performance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced downtime

  • The telecommunications network monitoring and management system is a valuable tool for improving the performance and reliability of our network.
  • We encourage you to consider implementing this system in your own network to achieve similar benefits.


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