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BetaTel LTD was established in Sofia, Bulgaria. We started providing telecommunication services in 2014 and have since expanded our product range to accommodate the needs of our clients in a dynamic business environment.

Our main activity is focused on providing the best VoIP services, covering the wide range of increasing demand for dependable yet simple solutions. We provide VoIP wholesale, termination and origination services, while providing 24/7 NOC support.

Since we also offer software that is developed “in-house”, this gives us the market advantage we need to assure a fast and stable company growth. Our anti-fraud telecommunication software makes sure that you have maximum control of your traffic congestion.

As a company, BetaTel LTD mainly provides services to big operators, like national Telecoms, offering low and flexible pricing. By implementing modern business strategies and combining them with our company goals with risk management, we are constantly optimizing our business structure in order to deliver only top quality servces.


  • Does your business require high quality voice services?
  • Do you need specialized pricing that would make you more competitive on the market?
  • Do you require a service to effectively grow your business and efficiently manage your voice traffic?

The competitive marketplace is anything but easygoing, and voice termination is an indispensable asset in such an environment. That is why we developed our Beta Tel Voice Termination service. It offers our clients a possibility to conduct business with secure interconnection and termination options delivered over our voice network - for optimal performance and worldwide connectivity. Beta Tel is one of the leading, next generation VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services provider, focusing on business mainly in the Telecom & VoIP domain. We specialize in VoIP wholesale telephony trade. Thanks to our voice network being built to support service providers that face special demands, our clients get the scalability and reliability that they need. We offer end-to-end operational control, as well as numerous other benefits from this service while improving your voice traffic management.

VoIP Service Technical Features / Capabilities:
  • Interconnection available in Asia and Europe
  • Termination via a VoIP handoff
  • Call success rate and post-dial delay maintained to industry standards
  • Advanced traffic visibility & monitoring, reporting ability and route
  • Management — traffic is monitored by country on an hourly basis, and changes can be made by destination to enhance quality 24/7


VoIP Origination is the process of calls that originated in a PSTN (public switched telephone network) and then carried to their destination over the Internet. This service is a perfect idea for PSTN Telecom Carriers that are planning to extend their services to VoIP and pass DIDs to other VoIP carriers.

VoIP Origination can be offered as an innovative solution for call centers, calling card companies, providers of conferencing services, voice portals and other businesses that need local phone numbers in many markets across the world. Additionally, this VoIP solution is very stable and reliable in various conditions including during various natural disasters. If a gateway fails or Internet connectivity doesn’t work, a DID / Toll Free number can be routed to a secondary gateway within minutes.

What can VoIP Origination provide our clients with?
  • Keeping local telephone numbers, while changing locations
  • Reducing and controlling costs
  • Having reliable interconnections
  • Achieving points of presence in multiple locations over the world


VoIP Termination is what connects VoIP with classic telephony. In fact, running this business model requires some specific equipment with TDM / ISDN protocol support that allows termination to go directly into PSTN network.

Solution: VoIP Termination

With today’s avalanche-like growth of VoIP industry the direct PSTN termination offers further VoIP market expansion and new business opportunities such as provisioning of new digital services with drastically lower prices for local and international calls. Surely, these possibilities can’t be ignored. That’s why PSTN termination business model becomes more and more popular.

VoIP And GSM network

Considering the great numbers of mobile phones users in the world, VoIP Termination business has a lot of benefits. In general, calls from a mobile network to the fixed lines are more expensive than calls between mobile networks. But a GSM gateway allows you to save the difference. And, of course by using of JeraSoft Routing module this cost can be reduced even further by optimization of direction calls.


Our fraud detection service provides real-time risk alerts and call intelligence. For every inbound call, behavior anomalies that indicate fraud are analyzed. FILTER provides alerts against reconnaissance tactics and robotic dialing techniques, preventing fraud before a transaction can occur. Analysis of flagged fraud calls provides feedback for advanced machine learning models, enabling improved fraud detection capabilities over time.

Analysis of each call for fraud is enabled in real time and reduces fraud exposure and monetary loss. Knowing the risk of each call, relieves you of the need to become an expert in the latest fraud tactics. This can reduce or eliminate knowledge-based authentication questions and allow agents to focus on your core business.

Our anti-fraud system includes number of intelligent checks based on which we can decide upon different actions (split traffic to different routes, block with a specific cause, etc.). We build solutions and models to evaluate our clients’ traffic and make some routing decisions in real time based on the result.

  • Intelligent Filter: the system is constantly searching for unusual patterns and IN-human behavior
  • Statistical Algorithm Filter: system is building a statistical data-store for A and B-Numbers and keeping all statistical data in the real-time database enables checks routing decisions in milliseconds. Based on this data any complex rules can be implemented and results evaluated and scored
  • Manually Blacklisted Numbers: can be updated manually or automatically by sending a pre-formatted email

All above principles can be included into the routing process. The result is a dynamic routing model able to intelligently separate between traffic types.


We have a highly technical NOC (Network Operations Center) engineer team. Our engineers are monitoring the entire network on a 24/7/365 basis providing support. BetaTel LTD team members are certified professionals in their field of work, providing support and resolving any issues that may occur.

By providing top-of-the-line support to our clients, we help them achieve better positions on the market by enabling them to deal with situations on a regular basis as the business needs dictate.


ADDRESS: 44 Vitosha Blvd, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

EMAIL: info@betatel.com