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Experience streamlined growth and increased profitability with us. Our innovative solutions revolutionize the Wholesale Telecoms market, eliminating barriers and accelerating your business's expansion.
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Wholesale Telco Services

Elevate your telecommunications strategy with our range of wholesale telco services. Trusted solutions for your connectivity needs.

Voice Termination
A2P Messaging
Fraud Prevention
eSIM Wholesale Platform

Committed to ethical standards aligned with GLF and I3 Forum principles, ensuring transparent, accountable service.


Leading with cutting-edge technology and adaptive solutions, blending AI-driven analytics with human insight for competitive telecom solutions.


Delivering highly reliable, efficient operations, setting industry standards for seamless global connectivity.

Customer-Centric Partnership

Offering flexible, robust solutions tailored to our global clientele's evolving needs. Beyond service, we provide dedicated partnership for our customers' success in the telecom industry.

Betatel Establishment

Sinapsio Implementation

RoamSwift Connected
Our success story
Embarking on our journey in 2014, Betatel leads with wholesale voice termination and A2P messaging. Continuously innovating to broaden wholesale offerings, fostering global connectivity and communication solutions.
In 2015, Sinapsio emerged, reinforcing our commitment to safety and integrity in telecommunications. Strengthening wholesale services with innovative telco fraud prevention software.
Roamswift, our latest venture since 2024, redefines eSIM wholesale reselling. Embracing the future, expanding possibilities for seamless global connectivity.

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Ready to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking telecom company? We're on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about innovation and eager to make a difference. Explore opportunities to grow and thrive with us!

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